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American Coyote!

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Quentin Coyote
20 February
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Well now that I've moved, I suppose it's about time that I update this thing again.

Anyway.. Hiyas! ^.^ My name is Quentin (my real name too), I'm a coyote, and now live in Weehawken NJ. For many years I lived in NYC, and ran most of the furmeets there, but a change of jobs has necessitated my return, at long last, to the state where I grew up for much of my life.

I've been a 'Furry' my whole life, though it was only in my early 20's that I finally found a word for it, and discovered that there were actually so many others out there like me. A few years later I 'offically' entered the fandom by going to my first convention (Anthrocon 2001) and I've never looked back again! :) Furry has allowed me to find myself in ways that I once never even dreamed I could. And, as such, there is a large desire in me to want to give that gift to other people too. Probably goes a long way to explaining why I do everything that I often do with furmeets, and trying to find new people and bring them into our fold, the way that I often wish I had been earlier in life. ^.^

Anyway, I am very friendly, upbeat, and always enjoy meeting new people. If you wish to add me, please feel free. This journal is my personal thinking space, often of minor day to day happenings, but often enough of deeper things too. (If you wish to see more of the latter, then I'd recommend having a look at my 'Memories' section.)

In any case, welcome, and if you are new to me, then feel free to chat, and who knows, perhaps I may see you around at a con somewhere sometime. ^.^

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

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